Our Offering

We provide comprehensive and customized solutions on a global basis in all aspects of international finance.


We analyse, advice, structure, execute and monitor credits & projects and mitigate risks.


Our advisory services include full liability management, receivables optimization, business intelligence including consulting on instruments, products, markets and pricing. 


We built, manage and maintain potential links to international partner banks, financial institutions and other third parties. 


We select and orchestrate the best available resources and solutions for our clients.

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Property Finance
Special Services

Property Finance 

Type of Property

Main residences and holiday homes 

Loan amount

Up to € 50m 

Loan to property value

Up to 80%

Loan terms

5-30 years 



  • Payment guarantees and Stand-by Letters of Credit
  • Silent confirmations
  • Coverage of political, transfer and credit risk


Special Services

Interim Management, Project Management, and Expertise

  • Fall-outs or shortages at the management level
  • Business situations which require special skills and experience just in time
  • Implementation of critically important projects 
  • Expert Service and Consultancy in Emerging Market debt conversion/rescheduling and asset trading