Our Offering

We provide comprehensive and customized solutions on a global basis in all aspects of international finance.


We analyse, advice, structure, execute and monitor credits & projects and mitigate risks.


Our advisory services include full liability management, receivables optimization, business intelligence including consulting on instruments, products, markets and pricing. 


We built, manage and maintain potential links to international partner banks, financial institutions and other third parties. 


We select and orchestrate the best available resources and solutions for our clients.

Please select:

Corporate Aircraft Finance
Yacht Finance 
Ship Finance

Corporate Aircraft Finance 

Type of Aircraft

Corporate Aircrafts 

Loan amount

USD 5m – USD 150m 

Loan to aircraft value 

Up to 90% 

Loan terms

Up to 15 years + construction period


Yacht Finance

Type of Yacht

Super Yachts 

Loan amount

USD 5m – USD 100m 

Loan to yacht value   

Up to 75% 

Loan terms

Up to 7 years + construction period


Ship Finance

Type of Ship

Commercial Ships  

Loan amount

USD 20 Mio. min.

Loan to ship value     


Loan terms

Up to 20 years + construction period

General remarks

Financings are available 

  • for new or pre-owned objects
  • for acquisition, refinance, reconstruction 
  • for private or business purposes
  • in all major currencies
  • based on open / fair market price, blue book value
  • with repayment structures tailored to client’s needs