RISKTRANSFER – located in Zurich, Switzerland is a leading, independent, international credit advisor and consultant for banks, financial institutions, corporates and private clients.

We provide comprehensive and customized solutions on a global basis in all aspects of international finance. We are professional in credit/risk management and expert in arranging individual credit solutions. We developed and maintain global access to an extensive and diversified international network.

As your partner, we deliver independent, personal advice and services of the highest standard to meet your financial needs. We select and orchestrate the best available resources and coordinate/leverage our own know how of over 40 years with the expertise of third party providers.

We master the finance and manage the risk. Like all true specialists, because that’s all we do, we do it best.

Foto von Jörg W.R. Hübner

Jörg W. R. Hübner
Managing Partner